Apertura en CT-Silay

he launching of the 150th foundation anniversary the Josephine Family in Sta. Theresita Academy, Silay, started with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist presided by Rev.Fr. Narciso Gayares. In attendance were: Siervas of the Community Taller-Silay, representative from the Siervas of the Community-Taller-Iloilo, Lay Josephines, faculty, staff, students, parents, alumnae, St. Bonifacia’s Skills Training Center trainees and trainer, and Talleres de Nazaret collaborators. Before the final blessing, Sr. Lilian Ocenar, SSJ Provincial Coordinator, gave her message and expressed her gratitude to all through a recorded video. After the final blessing, we had veneration of St. Bonifacia’s relic done in the Visayans traditional way of placing the statue or relic on the forehead, which they call “palapak,” in order to receive blessing. During the rite, the minister says, ‘through the intercession of St. Bonifacia, may God hear your prayer.’

A very informative video presentation on the Congregation followed. The “Pistang Josefina sa STA,” to the Filipino style of celebration, followed with a shared merienda prepared and brought by the students, parents, and school employees. The festivities continued with some Filipino games.

150 Aniversario Carisma Josefino en Filipinas

The primary pupils from kindergarten to grade 3 jumped to their heart’s content with the “pabitin”, a traditional game often played during celebrations and fiestas. It is made out of a bamboo frame filled with various prizes or treats suspended from a certain height and the kids grab goodies by jumping or reaching for them. Playing this game fosters several values among participants like patience, adaptability, determination, fair play, and joy in simplicity. It also contributes to the development of social skills and positive values in a playful and festive environment, Grades 4-6 played puzzle game where the players sequence and match the pieces to come up with the picture of the founder and the foundress. Representatives from the higher levels played “Pinoy Henyo”. The senior high school played obstacle relay where the players are tasked to form the lines and repeat, by memory, quotations from our founders. A number of parents, faculty and staff played T-shirt Relay, the SSJ Way. As a group, they will have to use their collective effort to restore into its original shape, a torn t-shirt given to them. In imitation of Mother Bonifacia, they will have to do it in silence, harmonizing prayer and work.

The festivity ended with the picture taking of the whole STA family. Everybody had a good laugh and enjoyed the bonding moments with each other… imitating the Model Family of JESUS, MARY and JOSEPH.

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